Client: SK Planet
Role: Susan K Rits, Head of UX; Jade Lian, UX design; Oscar Najarro, visual design
Time to Launch: 3 months

B2B Merchant Portal

Our small-business merchants required a simple, intuitive dashboard for managing their marketing campaigns and product inventory. We were tasked with understanding how they work, and creating an application they could onboard swiftly and use without a painful learning curve.

User research

We employed design ethnography to learn “the job” our small business merchant customers did every day. Once our designers understood how and why merchants used our applications, we were able to map out an intuitive user flow that would make sense to them.

Iteration was the key

Working with paper prototypes and simple click-throughs, we could make changes swiftly as we understood our users better. Our assumptions were validated (and in some cases, invalidated) and engineers were on hand to implement changes overnight, making this beta test a huge success.