Designers should always keep their users in mind.
Creating seamless and intuitive experiences that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Data-informed design decisioning

I’ll work with your analysts to understand how the product can be optimized for customer acquisition.

Integrate artificial intelligence to enhance your products

I’ll help you understand where and when to integrate AI into your existing products to increase customer time-to-value.

UXUI design that delights your customers

Encompassing the design of user interfaces (UI), user experience (UX), and the overall usability of the products to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that meet the needs of all customers.

Design systems and pattern libraries

Pattern libraries and design systems are the best way to create high-quality digital products that provide a seamless user experience, facilitate team collaboration, and are scalable and accessible. I’ll help you build your first or refine the one you have.

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I work with your engineering & product teams.

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Case Studies

Mobile payments app

Using iBeacons and proprietary mobile payments technology, Slyde lets you walk into a store, make a purchase and walk back out without ever taking your wallet or your smartphone out of your pocket. My intuitive UX was easy to use while the gorgeous UI delighted users bringing them back again and again.

Enterprise dashboards

Using research and usability testing, I identified the workflow problems and pain points in the existing application. After the redesign the usability rating (System Usability Scale) rose to 87% and internal adoption increased from >15% (v1.0) to 36% (v2.0) at 6 months post redesign.