Client: Google
Role: Design lead, research & UX/UI
Duration: 12 months

Google Relationship Management


The Google Ads & Commerce business generates $50 billion in revenue, annually. As part of the Sales and Support Team (within the Enterprise group) I lead the research and design of the knowledge management system, case management system, Trakken/Trax and GRM.

Steps to success

Using research and usability testing, I identified the workflow problems and pain points in the existing GRM application v1.0. The process included:

  1. Design ethnography (shadowing), interviews, focus groups
  2. User journey, primary and secondary personas
  3. User flows & preliminary sketches
  4. Usability testing and iterating on sketches
  5. Clickable prototype (second round of testing)
  6. Annotated wires handed off to engineers
  7. UI design (third round of testing) handed off to engineers


Recommendations and redesign included a dashboard to manage integrated modules, data analytics and visualization, smart search functionality, AI note taking and database simplification.

After the redesign the usability rating (System Usability Scale) rose to 87% and internal adoption increased from >15% (v1.0) to 36% (v2.0) at 6 months post redesign.


Adoption before redesign


Adoption after redesign


System Usability Scale

Sample Screens