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Paper Prototypes and Guerrilla Testing Quickly Identify Usability Issues

When it comes to usability testing, I'm fast and agile! I know how to sketch out whiteboard wireframes for brainstorming sessions and quick solutions. Then create lo-fi clickthrough prototypes, or the ever popular (fast & cheap) paper prototype to test usability and validate or invalidate assumptions. speed. Guerrilla validating No need to spend a [...]

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Personas, Empathy Mapping and Use Cases are How We Design Intuitive Interfaces

Personas I gather enough data about your user groups to understand similarities and divergences in how they use your product. As an example, an internal dashboard that's used by agents to keep track of customer accounts may also be used by managers to keep track of agents and productivity. The manager and the agent [...]

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Design Ethnography, Focus Groups, Interviews, and Surveys are the Foundation of User Research

The best way to understand what your users want is to watch what they do--and ask a lot of questions. Design ethnography I conduct fly-on-the-wall studies of user experiences with software, websites, wearables, or brick & mortar customer experiences. By observing how people interact with applications, I learn their problems and pain points, which in [...]

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