When it comes to usability testing, I’m fast and agile! I know how to sketch out whiteboard wireframes for brainstorming sessions and quick solutions. Then create lo-fi clickthrough prototypes, or the ever popular (fast & cheap) paper prototype to test usability and validate or invalidate assumptions. speed.

Guerrilla validating

No need to spend a week or two setting up usability tests. I’m just as happy to grab passersby in the hall, friends and associates online, or non-involved coworkers to run quick usability tests with.

Paper prototyping

Paper prototypes take less time, cost less and are quickly changed and adapted as the datapoints accumulate. I’ve been known to lay out an entire user flow in paper and pull in people off the street to test my UIs.

We do love our Post It notes

Nothing works quite as well to organize the architecture of a site than Post It notes on a wall. With an hour (or two) of discussion and iteration, I’ll hammer out a simplified, intuitive UI that makes your users and your engineers happy.