Slyde Mobile Payments

Client: SK Planet America
Team:  Susan K Rits, Head of UX; Jade Liang, UX/UI design; Grace Jungok Cho, UX design
Time to launch: 1.5 months

At SKPlanet, our team designed and built the first mobile payments app in the US. Using iBeacons and proprietary mobile payments technology, Slyde lets you walk into a store, make a purchase and walk back out without ever taking your wallet or your smartphone out of your pocket.

Our intuitive UX was easy to use, our gorgeous UI delighted users bringing them back again and again.

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Aside from multiple cutting-edge technology challenges (iBeacons, mobile transactions, POS) the customer experience design was a big issue. Our existing mental models for making an in-person purchase did not yet include walking into a store, grabbing a basketful of goods and walking out without talking to a clerk.

Yet, that was the transactional model we were beta testing.

Pain points included:


We conducted design ethnographies to understand how small business work-flow happened so that we could build a service and UI experience that worked with that model as much as possible.


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