Company: Zazum Inc
Team: Susan K Rits, Dir of Product Design; Lise Yellen, UI Design; Ingrid Ducmanis, Art Direction

Time to launch:

9 mos audio R&D

3 mos app beta launch

6 mos app v1.0

3 mos app v2.0

SeeLoveBuy – AdTech

Using patented audio technology I invented, we developed the mobile app SeeLoveBuy that synchs with television broadcasts so viewers can shop TV from their iPhones.

The Challenge

As the first-ever app for shopping from TV, SeeLoveBuy required a lot of user research and design iteration. We created everything from wireframing and user testing, to branding, sound design, and film production.

The Solution

The team created an intuitive interface, focusing on simplicity and micro-interactions that worked with the split-attention of interactive television behavior. Branding was a success nationwide and our application won multiple awards for innovation.

Awards & Accolades

Zazum - Startup Spotlight 2011

AdTech 2011

Startup Spotlight – Finalist

Winner 2012

Baruch College and AT&T Fast Pitch

Zazum winner 2012 - fastpitch

Acquired 2015

Patent and technology sold in 2015

Patent Granted US 8713593 B2

Detection system and method for mobile device application

Zazum Patent

seelovebuy explainer video