Client: SK Planet
Role: Head of UX
Duration: 1 month


This fashion crowdsourcing mobile app by SKPlanet allowed users to find the styles their friends have tagged. Styletag is wildly popular in South Korea, and SKPlanet hoped it would be as big a hit in the US. But some cultural themes weren’t translating well. We were tasked with Americanizing the app to appeal to American audiences.


Working closely with the marketing department so our efforts dovetailed with their customer acquisition plans, we translated this mobile application into Western aesthetics and interaction patterns. Some of the things we did were to:

  • Simplify the information architecture
  • Redesign the layout to use larger and fewer images
  • Work on the language and translation
  • Rebrand to appeal to Western audiences


Styletag went on to increased popularity and use, and became one of the prevailing fashion-sourcing apps in the US.